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With three distinct and unique concepts, Gracia provides a restaurant experience for everyone.

Guanacaste Best Restaurants Mar Vista


by way of food

Guanacaste Best Restaurants Mar Vista

Food and the act of sharing is a powerful force.  It sustains the body and replenishes the soul.  It brings people together in a shared experience through which relationships are forged and indelible memories are made.  It is the Gracia mission to actively cultivate that concept of community at every level of our operation.  

In this way we create an unbroken chain of community engagement and respect, the good vibrations of which will be served along with your meal.  When you share a table at a Gracia brand restaurant you are sharing more than just food.  You are sharing a moment, a memory, an experience, a relationship.  You are sharing love.


With three different restaurants, Gracia offers a dining experience for everyone with some of Guanacaste’s best restaurants!



Meaning grace/elegance.

We are the Becker family of 5 (Frankie, Stephanie and our 3 little adventurers) following our dreams of living abroad and creating what we love…..dining experiences to create lasting memories. We think of our restaurants as our personal home. We invite you to explore your senses of food around the table with friends and family to enjoy delicious home cooked meals and celebrate life. We source most of our ingredients from our backyard vegetable and herb garden and local and organic regional farms and cook with passion to deliver exquisite flavor in every bite. 

Every dish has a story.


Guanacaste Best Restaurants the Becker Family

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We want the journey of food from its source to your plate to be as short as possible, to support local small businesses like ourselves and to be sustainable in our operations.  

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“Gracia has become a regular place that we bring our visitors to show off the beauty of Costa Rica, including the awesome employees who always remember us and greet us with lots of smiles”.

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